Area Activity Guide: WALL\THERAPY 2017


Have you been missing the high-impact, grassroots organization that used to create public art all over the city? If so, we have good news for you. WALL\THERAPY is back on the scene for 2017 and planning bigger and better programming “intended to connect Rochester residents of all ages and all walks of life.” Over the last year or so, the group has been quietly refreshing its resources and conducting research. Moving forward, you can expect fresh murals, messaging, and community conversation.

Making More than Murals

Murals are still WALL\THERAPY’s primary medium, and they’ll keep working with local and international artists to add visually compelling works of art to the Rochester landscape. But beyond the walls, they’re devising new ways to collaborate with local organizations and impact Rochester residents in more direct and positive ways. In the works are a conference on arts and activism slated to take place later this summer and a community music event.

Do you Believe?

WALL\THERAPY was created to heal communities through art, inspiration, and community-building. If you believe in the power of this project, now is your opportunity to be part of its future. The organization has a Generosity campaign running right now. You can show your support my making a donation, passing on the campaign to others who might, or signing up as a volunteer.


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