Area Activity Guide: WallByrd’s Macbeth

Have you heard of WallByrd?

WallByrd Theater Company is based in Rochester and works with actors from the local community. If you’re interested in the future of theater in Rochester, you’d best take note of this non-traditional company which is transforming classic theatrical works through an immersive, world-building approach. City Newspaper calls their productions “Shakespeare for the next generation.” If their post-apocalyptic take on Macbeth is any indication, we can expect WallByrd to push — or maybe even explode — the boundaries of local theater for many years to come.

You’ve never seen Macbeth like this.

It’s not uncommon for theater companies to reimagine classic works, especially those of Shakespeare. To be successful in making an impression on audiences, you’ve got to have both expertise and guts. WallByrd puts both on display by taking a Mad Max-inspired angle in its dark, combat-heavy interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. These actors definitely aren’t cutting corners, as the whole affair runs almost three hours (including one intermission). From the sets to the choreography to the casting, everything has been carefully considered for its power to draw in audiences and hold them rapt. You can see the production July 14th through 29th at the Lyric Theatre with a $20 advance ticket, or secure a seat the day of the show with an equal-opportunity pay-what-you-can option.


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