Area Activity Guide: Honest Folk

Looking for folk music in Rochester?

Rochester NY has a good number of quality music venues which play host to a relatively diverse array of musicians. Still, the folk scene hasn’t been on par locally with other genres. Clearly, jazz holds a special place in the hearts of Rochesterians, classical has more than one established home here, and the city brings in a plethora of acts from all over the rock spectrum for its multiple summer concert series. But where, pray tell, does one go to find folk? There doesn’t seem to be one simple answer. Folk lovers can follow the Golden Link for a smattering of shows and head toward Syracuse to connect with the Folkus Project.

There’s a new show in town!

While Rochester may never have it own Birchmere, Passim, Iron Horse, or Wolf Trap, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing here for folk fans to get excited about. Beginning in 2016, a new group has been drawing a slow drip of big-talent folk acts to a smattering of venues throughout the city. If you haven’t been following Honest Folk, these shows might have flown under your radar. If so, it’s time to add them to your Facebook favorites or sign up for the mailing list and stop missing out.

Honest Folk defines itself as…

a small team of Rochesterians who believe that this city deserves a different kind of concert, where national acts and local openers perform in intimate settings. 

Chances are good there are a great number of local folk fans who would enthusiastically agree. Folk music, in general, tends to be a labor of love, and if the shows presented by Honest Folk thus far are any indication, this is one project with plenty of passion behind it. If you’re feeling some folk, help spread the love and grab some tickets to the next show before they sell out. With folk performances of this caliber in this market, they’re sure to.

Coming Up Next

Coming up on August 29th at Restaurant Good Luck is Honest Folk Presents an Evening with Ireland’s the Young Folk. This is one hot end-of-summer ticket, a portion of ticket sales will benefit a local nonprofit, and — bonus — food trucks! Secure your spot by buying tickets here >

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