Area Activity Guide:
Night of the Living Wedge 2017

How the Wedge does Halloween

The South Wedge has plenty of holiday traditions unique to this quirky neighborhood. Perhaps none is more eagerly anticipated than our annual pub crawl and costume contest, Night of the Living Wedge. It’s held each year on the last Thursday before Halloween, and this year that falls on October 26th. Night of the Living Wedge is an opportunity to feel like a kid again as you walk the streets in your campiest costume. Only, now that you’re an adult, you can wash down your candy with beers or cocktails — or skip the candy altogether! We’ll spend the evening (from 6:30 to midnight) bouncing around the South Wedge, visiting watering holes for about half an hour apiece.

Meet Your New Neighbors

Night of the Living Wedge is a great opportunity to celebrate the neighborhood while meeting cool people. This year, the list of stops has expanded to 8 local establishments, including The Toasted Bear Taven & Grill. It’s basically a tour of the everyone’s favorite South Wedge spots, so if you’ve yet to visit Swiftwater or ORBS, this is the perfect time to do so. There will be a $100 cash prize for the best costume and raffles for gift certificates and stuff from various South Wedge businesses!

Night of the Living Wedge 2017 is brought to you by BASWA (Business Association of the South Wedge) and the following neighborhood businesses:

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