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Thanksgiving Eve Silent Disco

Do you dig the silent disco?

At this point, Rochesterians pretty much fall into two categories — those who’ve danced the night away at silent discos, probably at the Fringe Fest, and those who’ve missed out by neglecting to get tickets. Whichever applies to you, this event at the Penthouse at One East Avenue promises to be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend one of the biggest party nights of the year — the night before Thanksgiving. All of your high-school friends will be at Thirsty’s; you should at least make sure you have a blast before you join them.

Be the early bird.

Why are we posting this before Halloween? Because you know how these things go. Tickets are already on sale, and they’re very likely to sell out. Rally your friends, secure your spot, and kick off your Thanksgiving festivities at the top of the town. You can expect three channels of music to bring out the crazy dancing. Admission is just $10 ($11.54 with taxes & fees), there’s a cash bar, and you can put down either $20 or your driver’s license for a headset rental at the venue. Either way, you’ll get your deposit back when you return the equipment. Check it out on Facebook here.

The Penthouse Presents: Thanksgiving Eve Silent Disco!
Wednesday, November 22 from 9 pm to 1 am
One East Avenue

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