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New Year, New Perspective

Once you’ve spent a year or two in a small city like Rochester, it can start to feel like you’ve seen all there is to see. And if you’ve been in Upstate New York all your life, the same sights and sounds can get incredibly stale. Despite that predictability, though, every city has its secrets. Atlas Obscura celebrates a different way of looking at the world by uncovering unexpected, awe-inspiring spots right under your nose — as well as halfway across the globe. If you’re in need of a fresh perspective, this unconventional resource should be your go-to guide.

18 Rochester Treasures — So Far

Aren’t you dying to know where Atlas Obscura advises visitors to go on visits to Rochester? Most of the 18 quirky and interesting spots identified so far are either playful or historic. With two monuments to Susan B. Anthony and celebrations of multiple aspects of the Strong Museum, even first-year Rochesterians are likely to have been to a few of the top recommended local destinations. But lifelong residents stand a good chance of finding something new amongst the giant steel sculpture with animals in its shadows, the secret room in the Central Library, and this tool of other-worldly communication. It seems the exploration of Rochester is just getting started, so be sure to sign up for updates. This community of explorers is sure to unearth more exciting experiences in our corner of the world.

Know something about your city that seems to have been overlooked? Share your secret with the world by letting Atlas Obscura know!

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