Area Activity Guide: Sofar Sounds


What Sofar Is

Remember when going to a live show was magical? When people paid attention, gave respect, and didn’t hold up a screen between themselves and the performers? Sofar Sounds is a worldwide effort to bring back some of that magic. The name is derived from the phrase “songs from a room,” and that’s exactly what you can expect. Rochester is just one of 398 cities creating intimate gigs in unique spaces for listeners and performers who are in it for the music. Sofar grew from a tiny movement based out of London into a global community putting on more than 500 gigs every month.

How Sofar Works

You might say that Sofar Sounds is serendipitous. Its shows are anything but predictable.The venue, which changes with each show, is a surprise and will be announced 24 hours before the performance. You won’t buy tickets based on the headliner because you won’t know who’s playing until the show begins. Speaking of buying tickets, you have to apply first. If you receive an invite, you might be offered the opportunity to purchase up to 6 tickets, or you might just be asked to attend with a plus-one free of charge. Much of the magic is in the mystery. So if you’re a good listener who digs diverse genres, wants to get up close and personal with the music makers, and are up for anything, Sofar Sounds could be right up your alley. Rochester’s next show will be on February 17th, and you can apply right now. To see videos from past local performances, check out the Rochester page of the Sofar site.

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South and Hickory Place
661-663 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

v  585.271.8028
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