The South Wedge

South and Hickory Place is the perfect address if you need to feel that urban pulse. Stroll along South Avenue and peek in the many thriving shops, or enjoy a hot cup of coffee or any number of delicious foods at the dozens of charming eateries within sight of your front door. Hop on your bike and buzz over to Highland Park, Cobb's Hill, Park Avenue, or Downtown. Enjoy the numerous outdoor festivals that dot the calendar's warmer months, or the simple daily interaction with neighbors who share a comfortable, earthy sense of community you can only find in a borough like this. And when the sun goes down, and the lights, music, and laughter come up, there's a nightlife hotspot, cozy winery, or favorite neighborhood tavern for nearly every taste and occasion.

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Retail Shops on the Ground Floor of South & Hickory Place:

For photos of the South Wedge, please visit our photo gallery.

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South and Hickory Place
661-663 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620

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