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5 Bedroom Space Savers

Wicker storage basket with clothes

February 2020

For many people, the bedroom of their apartment is their safe space, their escape from the pressures, demands, and the hustle and bustle of life. But if physical clutter results in mental clutter, said safe space needs some help. Free up your precious floor space, especially in a small room, and give everything a designated spot with these five space-savers.

1. Install shelves along the perimeter of the room

The least-used space in your apartment is likely the 12 to 24 inches of wall below your ceiling. Utilize that space by installing shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls, which will add dozens of square feet of storage space. Think books, plants, games, and photos.

2. Choose a headboard with storage

Your bedroom furniture is a perfect storage opportunity, starting at the top. Opt for a headboard with storage for books, devices, glasses, and everything else you like to keep nearby. You can also try to find a headboard that has holes designed to accommodate lamp cables and chargers, keeping them hidden and out of sight.

3. Use that unused space under your bed

Just like the uppermost portion of your walls, few people make use of the space under their beds. You can purchase specially designed under-bed storage boxes and use them for off-season clothes or items you don’t use that often. When purchasing bedroom furniture, you can also look for a set that has drawers on the side or at the foot of the bed.

4. Turn the back of your closet door into a shoe rack

Since shoes come in pairs and there are different shoes for every occasion and type of weather, they can get cluttered pretty quickly. Turn the back of your closet door into a shoe rack with an over-door shoe organizer to keep your shoes off the floor and stored near your clothes.

5. Baskets in plain view  

While some things are better hidden or stored behind a closet door or drawer, there’s also a way to store things in plain sight, in an organized and eye-catching way. Invest in decorative storage baskets that are nice enough to be left on display and functional enough to store the things that otherwise would be left out or in piles elsewhere.