Area Activity Guide: Ordinary Days

Connection in the Chaos

Do you struggle to live in the moment? Try being mindful amid the hustle and bustle of New York City. Ordinary Days – running February 1-17 at Blackfriars — exposes the racing minds and internal dialogues of four 20-and 30-somethings making a go of it in the Big Apple in 2008. They’re all searching for something, and no one wants to do New York alone. This minimally produced 90-minute one-act musical weaves the surprisingly, serendipitously intertwined storylines of these two men and two women in 21 songs. Through the stringing together of routine (humorous, chaotic) moments, these individuals manage to find meaningful human connection in an enormous city packed with 8 million strangers. Written and composed by relative newcomer Adam Gwon, Ordinary Days leverages four people, a pianist, and an interpretive set to convey the magnitude of the mundane. Ordinary days are, after all, what life is made of.

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