Area Activity Guide: Roc Free Fitness

A Fresh Fitness Idea

Love the reliability of the gym, the camaraderie of a fitness community, and the accountability of a personal trainer? Now you can get all the benefits of a first-rate fitness resource FOR FREE! Roc Free Fitness is just that – free fitness for anyone who shows up. The group meets at Cobbs Hill Reservoir every Wednesday morning – rain or shine, snow or sun – at 6:10 am. This Rochester initiative was inspired by a larger Free Fitness movement called November Project that began in Boston. A primary goal was to keep people working out during the cold New England winters, and New York State can relate. Both use “a sense of accountability to motivate and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.”

The Boost that Keeps You Going

If you’re thinking ahead to a New Year’s resolution that involves getting fit, Roc Free Fitness might be just the ticket. You can be part of the first full year of exercise gatherings, which kicked off in May of 2018. Instead of motivating yourself and coming up with your own workouts, you’ll be cheered on by members of the community and guided by fitness-industry veterans who lead a different exercise circuit every week. Roc Free Fitness gets people up and moving and makes working out fun regardless of fitness level. Each exercise can be adapted for beginners or those just starting to get in shape.

Why struggle alone to get fit? There’s no registration or signup required. Just bring a positive attitude and a willingness to try something new. If you want to start small, follow ROC Free Fitness on Facebook.