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Clever Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink More

Gray cat lying on a bed. Image credit: Pixabay

June 2022


You may not know it, but domestic cats evolved from Middle Eastern desert wildcats. That makes their thirst drive naturally low. Unlike dogs that stay well hydrated, most cats don’t get as much water as they should. To make matters worse, cats can sometimes be turned off by certain water sources or where the water is placed.

All of this means that cats are more prone to kidney disease, constipation, and urinary tract disease. Since they often don’t drink enough water on their own, we have some clever ways to help you keep your cat hydrated.

Give at Least Some Wet Food

If you normally feed your cat dry food, try mixing in some wet food at least a few times a week. Since wet food is about 70 percent water, it’s an easy way to get your cat to consume more water.

Keep Their Dish Clean

Cats are discerning animals. In the same way that you wouldn’t want to drink out of a dirty glass, your cat wants a clean water dish, too. Change their water daily and thoroughly wash the bowl at least twice a week.

Get a New Bowl

It may require some trial and error, but cats can prefer certain shaped or sized bowls. This is about wanting to avoid their whiskers being stimulated when they drink. Even the material a dish is made of can matter to some cats. In general, stainless steel and ceramic are preferable to plastic because they are easier to clean, but that may not be your cat’s preference.

Place Water Bowls Away From Food

The location of your cat’s water bowl can affect how much they drink. While humans like their beverages with their food, it can be a turn off to some cats. Try different locations and monitor your cat’s water consumption. You don’t have to get too scientific about it. If your cat has a strongly preferred location, it will be obvious.

Offer Running Water

If your cat shows interest in your shower or a running faucet, chances are they’d enjoy a fountain water dish. Make sure you give your cat time to acclimate to the new dish, because they may not be immediately comfortable with it.

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