South Wedge Quarterly Launch Party

Showcasing Rochester’s South Wedge

One of the best things a visitor or new implant can do upon landing in Rochester is to pick up a handful of free publications. Filling newspaper boxes and windowsills throughout the city, these timely local guides can quickly plug anyone into what’s going on in the area. The prettiest of these is the South Wedge Quarterly. The beautiful oversized glossy perfectly suits its vibrantly abundant subject. Filled with beautiful photography and probing, well-written stories on everything from recipes to politics, the Quarterly will make you wonder why every neighborhood doesn’t have a magazine like this.

Psst…It’s the people.

The answer to that question is the same reason every neighborhood can’t be like the South Wedge. The aura of the South Wedge extends far beyond Rochester in a way that can’t be said of other neighborhoods, and there’s something universal about the appeal of this slice of our small Upstate New York city. Here’s the secret. The people make the magic. The South Wedge Quarterly, like this largely handmade, bootstrapped neighborhood, is by and about the people and businesses who’ve made their homes here.

Elevating Awareness

Every great initiative needs someone reliable to handle the heavy lifting, and in the case of the South Wedge Quarterly, that’s done by the Business Association of the South Wedge Area. In their own words, “BASWA works to promote the South Wedge businesses, and our residential neighborhoods through advertising and special events; and also to beautify and revitalize our area through public art, street furniture, landscaping, and other projects. BASWA also seeks to increase community awareness about the value in shopping locally.” Since 2012, the Quarterly has been a vehicle for achieving these goals also while monitoring the pulse of the South Wedge and magnifying it for easy appreciation by anyone caught curious.

A Publication Party

There’s a South Wedge Quarterly launch party, well, quarterly, to celebrate the printing of each new issue — and you’re invited! Those who write the magazine, grace its pages, and consume its content are invited to mingle at a South Wedge watering hole to celebrate their shared home and build neighborly connections. For the 2019 Winter issue, the party will take place at Dicky’s Corner Pub on the evening of Tuesday, February 5th, at 6:30 pm. It’s a valuable opportunity to get acquainted with the Wedge for the first time or dig ever deeper into the fabric of the community.