South and Hickory Facade

Summer Solstice Virtual Race

June 2019

An Activity For Any Area

On this blog, we usually title our events “Area Activity Guide.” This particular event, however, is open to everyone everywhere. Have you ever heard of a virtual race? A virtual race can be run from any location you choose. You set your own pace — running, jogging, or walking. You set the course — road, trail, treadmill, or track. You can even double it up with another race if you want to! You get to run your own race at your own pace and keep track of your time yourself. Once you’ve completed your race, your race medal is shipped to you by mail (while supplies last, of course).

Brought to you by Moon Joggers

Moon Joggers is a virtual club of runners on a mission to run the distance to the moon while making a difference around the world. This year, they are hosting a Summer Solstice 6.21 Mile race to celebrate the Summer Solstice — the longest day of the year and the official first day of Summer in the northern hemisphere. In addition to celebrating the season, Moon Joggers is also using the race to raise funds for charity. For this race, at least 15% of every registration fee will be donated to Kids Alive International, an organization committed to providing physical and spiritual care for the world’s orphaned and abandoned children.

Get your Jog on.

In order to participate in the Summer Solstice virtual race, you’ll need to register online. Then, complete your race any time in June and report your finishing time to Moon Joggers. The deadline for completion is June 30th, but most racers will try to end on June 21st, the day of the solstice and the official virtual race day. Registration costs $20 and includes a medal, racer’s bib, and shipping. There are also a limited number of official t-shirts and/or hoodies available for sale so that you can show off your Summer Solstice race participation. Join Moon Joggers in their ten-year mission “to connect and challenge all human beings on planet earth to start running; to explore the moon, planets, and sun of our solar system; and to boldly run where no man has run before.”