Area Activity Guide: ROC The Park

Another concert series?

Have you had enough amazing, affordable summer concerts yet? Unlike the other work-day concerts in the park, at the falls, and on the bricks, the events associated with the Roc the Park Urban Music Festival will make the perfect addition to a summer weekend. More a series than a festival, Roc the Park features three themed nights of music: Latino night, Rhythm & Groove, and Motown & Soul. Each night will bring you one headliner and at least three additional acts. Like Party in the Park, Roc the Park will take place in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. park. Tickets to each show are just $6, but there’s also a $20 VIP option. Kids under 12 get in free.

Saturday, July 8th: Latino Night
Orquesta Antonetti
Featuring: Trio Los Arpegio, Mambo Kings, La Muralla, Next Level

Friday, August 11th: Roc Rhythm & Groove
Doobie Powell
Featuring: Shawn Powell, Blake Montrell, London & TRA

Saturday, September 2nd: Motown & Soul
Chaz Bruce
Featuring: Thomas Rhyant, Innervisions, Will Holton

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