Woman reading the care label on a garment. Image credit: Andrey Cherkasov


Woman reading the care label on a garment. Image credit: Andrey Cherkasov

Decoding Laundry Symbols

November 2023   One of the great things about life at South and Hickory Place is the on-site laundry facilities. And while doing laundry is…

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Dishwasher with both racks pulled out. Image credit: Casterly Stock

30 Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher (That Aren’t Dishes)

October 2023   One of the nice things about South and Hickory Place is that every apartment includes a dishwasher. And if you’re not aware,…

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Coffee table in front of a sofa in a living room. Image credit: Amazon

Choosing a Coffee Table

September 2023   When it comes to styling your apartment’s living room, it’s natural to fixate on sofas and chairs. However, let’s not overlook the…

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Pouring a water and vinegar mixture into a jar of homemade pickles. Image credit Reka Biro-Horvath

Easy Refrigerator Pickles

August 2023   Locally grown cucumbers are in season and there’s nothing better than visiting the farmers market, picking up some cukes and making your…

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Three heads of garlic on a wooden cutting board

Keeping Garlic Fresh for 6+ Months

July 2023   At South and Hickory Place, we have some of the most beautiful and well-equipped kitchens you’ll find in a South Wedge rental….

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Woman wiping sole plate of an iron

Clean Irons Work Better and Last Longer

June 2023   If there’s one small appliance that everyone at South and Hickory Place keeps in their apartment it’s a clothes iron. Your trusty…

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Images of six low-light houseplants.

Six Low-Light Houseplants

    May 2023   Looking to bring some life and freshness to your apartment? Houseplants are the way to go! They not only add…

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Woman sitting on a couch drinking coffee. Image credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Cleaning Upholstery the Right Way

April 2023   At South and Hickory Place we love how passionate our residents about personalizing and decorating their apartments. For many, that means having…

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Large recycling bins at the Rochester EcoPark. Image credit: Rochester EcoPark.

Get to Know the EcoPark

March 2023   Hopefully you recycle everything you can for curbside pickup. It helps conserve energy, reduces air and water pollution, reduces greenhouse gases, and…

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Decorative wall hooks with a hat and purse. Image credit: Castorly Stock

Entryway Décor Ideas

February 2023   Many of our units at South and Hickory Place have entryways large enough to do a bit of decorating. You folks in…

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Bowl of cubed tofu on a kitchen counter.

Five Ways to Dry Tofu

  January 2023   Including tofu in your meals is a great way to go meatless and still get the protein your body needs. But…

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Man loading a dishwasher. Image credit: Wendelin Jacober

Dishwasher or Hand Washing?

December 2022   Even if you don’t cook at home often, one thing about the holidays is that we all tend to generate more dirty…

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