The Easy Way to Wash a Comforter

October 2021 A good comforter can be a considerable investment. Making yours last a long time and keeping it nice and fluffy means keeping it…

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Our Guide to Avant Basic

September 2021 If you ever watched Project Runway and saw the Avant-Garde challenge, you probably remembered the fashion-forward designs that walked the runway. You know,…

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Folded towels on a wooden stool. Photo credit: Denny Muller

There’s More Than One Way to Fold a Towel

August 2021   It might seem silly, but changing something as simple as how you fold your towels has implications for closet storage space and…

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Oscillating fan on a sideboard in a living room. Photo credit: Filios Sazeides

AC or a Fan? What to Use When

July 2021   It’s summer in Rochester. And while we love summer in the South Wedge, some days can be just a little too hot…

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Image of a gallery wall. Image credit: Jonny Caspari

Creating a Gallery Wall

June 2021 If you have art or photos that you love but they’re too small for the wall space you want to fill, creating a…

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Photo of a living room with layered rugs. Image credit: LeeAnn Cline

Layer Rugs Like a Pro

May 2021 Adding a rug is an easy way to add texture, color, and warmth to a room. But why would you want more than…

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Woman in kitchen holding a spray cleaner and towel. Image credit: cottonbro

Try This Homemade Natural Cleaner

April 2021 If you’re trying to reduce the chemicals and toxins in your life, one place to start is cleaning supplies. These represent some of…

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Woman sitting on pier with bicycle. Photo credit: Pawel L.

Bike Buying Basics

March 2021 Now that warmer weather is returning, you might be thinking about taking up cycling or replacing your old bike. The South Wedge is…

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Man using a tape measure. Photo credit Ono Kosuki

Apartment Toolbox Essentials

February 2021 While our mighty South and Hickory Place maintenance staff will take care of any repairs to apartment needs, there are some basic hand…

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The Magical Wooden Spoon

The Magical Wooden Spoon

December 2020 Wood is one of the oldest materials used to make cooking utensils. And while many new options have come along – hello silicone…

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Fresh Cut Flowers FB

Preserving Fresh Cut Flowers

November 2020 As we get deeper into winter, one way to brighten up your apartment – and your life – is with fresh cut flowers….

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Choosing A Pillow You'll Love FB

Choosing a Pillow You’ll Love

October 2020 While your mattress is an important part of getting a good night’s sleep, people don’t often think about their pillows. Your pillow largely…

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