Decorative wall hooks with a hat and purse. Image credit: Castorly Stock


Decorative wall hooks with a hat and purse. Image credit: Castorly Stock

Entryway Décor Ideas

February 2023   Many of our units at South and Hickory Place have entryways large enough to do a bit of decorating. You folks in…

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Bowl of cubed tofu on a kitchen counter.

Five Ways to Dry Tofu

  January 2023   Including tofu in your meals is a great way to go meatless and still get the protein your body needs. But…

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Man loading a dishwasher. Image credit: Wendelin Jacober

Dishwasher or Hand Washing?

December 2022   Even if you don’t cook at home often, one thing about the holidays is that we all tend to generate more dirty…

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Cleaning putty on a computer keyboard

Why You Need Cleaning Putty and How to Make Your Own

November 2022   If you and your friends don’t talk about cleaning products very often, you may not have heard about cleaning putty. It’s a…

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A handheld steamer and an iron

Steam or Iron Your Clothes? What to Do When.

  October 2022   South and Hickory Place provides on-site laundry facilities for our residents. So, all you need to look your best is an…

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Bookshelves with decorative items. Photo credit Vladimir Mokry

Give Your Bookshelves a Makeover

September 2022   Bookshelves are must-have in any apartment… even if you don’t read. In addition to books, they can hold plants, art, and both…

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Photo of an apartment building built in 1885 at the corner of South Avenue and Alexander Street

Fun Historical Facts About the South Wedge

August 2022   If you live at South and Hickory Place, you know there’s a lot to love about the South Wedge. But how much…

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Cat sitting on a park bench

Get to Know Marie Daley Park

July 2022   There’s Highland Park, Genesee Valley Park, Cobbs Hill Park, and more. While Rochester has some amazing parks that you’ve no doubt visited,…

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Gray cat lying on a bed. Image credit: Pixabay

Clever Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink More

June 2022   You may not know it, but domestic cats evolved from Middle Eastern desert wildcats. That makes their thirst drive naturally low. Unlike…

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Red and white potatoes in a crate. Image credit: Kindel Media

The Secret to Storing Potatoes

May 2022   There is no vegetable more comforting and versatile than potatoes. They pair well with many other foods, they’re inexpensive, and (with care)…

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Cords from a computer running under a desk. Image credit: Pavel Danilyuk

Making Your Cords Disappear

April 2022   While more of our devices are going wireless, your apartment may still feel like a spaghetti factory. Are there cords and wires…

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Small desk placed under a window. Image credit: Ksenia Chernaya

Rules for Placing Furniture Under Windows

March 2022   Who doesn’t love an apartment with lots of windows? Windows provide natural light, fresh air, and a view of the outdoors. But…

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