South and Hickory Facade

Get to Know the EcoPark

Large recycling bins at the Rochester EcoPark. Image credit: Rochester EcoPark.

March 2023


Hopefully you recycle everything you can for curbside pickup. It helps conserve energy, reduces air and water pollution, reduces greenhouse gases, and conserves natural resources. But did you know there are lots of things you can’t put in South and Hickory Place’s recycling that can be recycled at the Rochester EcoPark?

That includes just about any type of electronics (e.g., computers, TVs, phones, etc.), unused prescription drugs, clothing, hardcover books, printer cartridges, Styrofoam, aerosol cans, paint, combustible fluids, and more!

The EcoPark is an innovative recycling facility jointly run by Monroe County and Waste Management. It provides one-stop drop off for the many items you can’t put in your normal recycling and shouldn’t go into landfills. It’s located at 10 Avion Drive (off Paul Rd. near the airport) and is open to all Monroe County residents. Best of all, it’s free for most items. There is a small charge for dropping off tires and appliances with refrigerants.

The facility is broken up into different recycling stations, most of which are self-serve. Most items can be brought in without an appointment, but hazardous wastes require one. If you have an item and aren’t sure whether it can be recycled, just enter it in the search bar of the EcoPark website and it will let you know what to do with it.

Better yet if you use Alexa, you can just say “Alexa, open Monroe County Recycling.” Rochester is one of only a few municipalities nationwide to have an Alexa skill that can answer all your recycling questions. Use it to find out everything from what can go in curbside pickup and what can be taken to the EcoPark, to what to do with cooking oil or lightbulbs.