Area Activity Guide: TEDxRoc 2019

Change. Growth. Traction. Equity. They’re elements of the future that we envision for our city. They’re difficult to achieve, but we get disappointed and discouraged when we don’t see progress toward them. When you’re working on the ground doing whatever it is that drives you, it can be easy to lose sight of these unifying visions.

Ideas that Matter

You’ve heard of TED and its tagline “Ideas worth spreading.” Well, Rochester has its very own, independently organized, live local event and was among the first cities to do so. TEDxRochester 2019 is your opportunity to spend a day immersed in the energy and momentum that will propel Rochester through whatever positive change it makes in the years ahead. Curated under the theme “Hear. Here.” TEDxRochester 2019 promises provocative and inspiring talks on ideas from the arts, humanities, science, and technology. As an event devoted to a “community worth building,” you can expect to experience “the brilliance, passion, and possibility that is Rochester.” Most importantly, you’ll be surrounded by the people – thought leaders, artists, and audience members — conceiving those ideas, pursuing that possibility, and infusing this place with that brilliance. You’ll even get the chance to connect with them at happy hour.

Go all in.

According to the organizers, TEDxRoc attendees “have a passion for learning, a shared appreciation for innovative thinking and doing, a curiosity about the world, and a genuine willingness to be surprised and challenged.” If that sounds like you, you can register online now. Your ticket will run you close to $100, but it’ll be worth it. To see why, just watch some talks from the 2018 – Space or 2017 – Flip events. Just don’t watch for too long before completing your registration, or you could end up settling for videos of 2019 talks as well. This year’s event will sell out, and it will likely happen quickly. Follow along on Facebook here.   

TEDxRochester 2019: Hear, Here
May 11, 2019
9am – 4pm
Rochester Museum & Science Center