Coworking in Rochester, NY

Side Hustle or Self-Employed?

Do you count yourself among those representing the future of work? Have you been working from home on freelance projects or a remote position? For those juggling the responsibilities of home and work in the same space, there’s a better option. Though Rochester doesn’t yet have a WeWork, our area does boast multiple places where non-traditional workers can work diligently, escape isolation, network with potential collaborators, and access professional amenities.

New to coworking?

Coworking spaces present a low-risk opportunity to rent a desk and access a ready-made professional community, a comfortable chair, a fast internet connection, and other business amenities, make use of a conference room, enjoy bottomless cups of coffee, and be in an environment that encourages collaboration and motivation between tenants. This concept is an affordable way to rent a fully equipped workspace as you grow your business.

If you’d like to explore shared workspace options in Rochester, be sure to check out these established coworking spaces.


At Grid’s collaborative work environment, you can choose from a punch card for low-cost, intermittent drop-ins or full-time 24/7 access with a desk reserved just for you. Perks include a discount for a multi-month rental.

Metro CoWork

At Metro CoWork, which has multiple locations, functionality and affordability converge with modern, inspirational design. Members choose between a “hot desk” or a more permanent spot. Amenities include support from a dedicated community manager, an open-concept kitchen, and collaboration opportunities with neighboring businesses.

Carlson Cowork

At Carlson Cowork, monthly membership is required in the interest of fostering a more consistent culture and stable working environment. Highlights include ultra-fast Wi-Fi from Greenllight Networks, popular community events, and the beautiful Carlson Cowork Cafe. Potential tenants are welcome to schedule an appointment and try Carlson out for a day.