Get Involved: SWPC Membership

Creating Community

You may not know it, but much of the community-building you see happening around the Wedge is led or supported by a collaboration between the South Wedge Planning Committee (SWPC) & South East Area Coalition Members. This partnership of neighbors and entrepreneurs works together to preserve the South Wedge Urban Village. It’s sustained by the dedication of volunteers who share a vision for the future of our community. As a member of the South Wedge community, you’re invited to join the South Wedge Planning Committee. Members impact the neighborhood by supporting SWPC/SEAC projects, attending meetings, and electing the board of directors. If you’re interested in helping manifest the future of the South Wedge, membership is a no-brainer. The membership fee operates on a sliding scale, starting at $25. If you’re motivated to make a more substantial difference in the South Wedge community, you can also explore opportunities to join the SWPC board of directors or serve on a committee.

Participation Perks

Most people who step up to take an active role in their communities are driven to do so by intrinsic benefits. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be extrinsic benefits as well. When you become a member of the SWPC, you’ll receive both privileges and responsibilities. You’ll have the power to vote at the annual meeting and be expected to understand the issues at play. Six editions of The Wedge Newspaper will be delivered to your home, but you’ll need to read it to stay in the know. The greatest worldly perk of membership is the Wedge Card, which unlocks discounts at some well-loved South Wedge businesses. Participating businesses include favorites like Cheesy Eddie’s, Hedonist, Little Button, and Swiftwater. You can never have too many money-saving deals, right? That’s why — even though South & Hickory Place has our very own Resident VIP Perks program — we want to tell you about this way to save at even more local businesses close to home.