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Making Your Cords Disappear

Cords from a computer running under a desk. Image credit: Pavel Danilyuk

April 2022


While more of our devices are going wireless, your apartment may still feel like a spaghetti factory. Are there cords and wires running everywhere, tangled up, and looking chaotic? When you keep your cords organized and concealed, your entire apartment looks neater and feels cleaner. So, the next time you have an hour or two to spare, put on some of your favorite music and devote that time to cord control. The worst offenders tend to be in three areas: TVs, computers, and small appliances. And we have suggestions to cover each.

Multiple Cords? Gather Them

TVs and computers often require multiple cords. Gathering them together and using Velcro cord ties can reduce the mess. However, if you really want to make them disappear, consider using a wall cable channel. These plastic or vinyl channels can be cut to length and attached to a wall or the back of furniture with double-sided foam tape. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and are often paintable, so you can be sure they’ll blend in.

Try a Cable Management Box

Power strips are commonly used to plug in multiple electronic devices. And while they’re convenient and often include surge protectors, they’re not exactly pretty. That’s why you need a cable management box. Essentially a covered box that includes access points for cords and all the plugs of a power strip. They’ll keep your cords and plugs dust-free and out of sight.

You Need Cord Clips

You may have heard of Command Strips – those removable stick-on picture hangers. They also make Command Clips. These small cable clips can be attached to the back of furniture, underneath cupboards, or anyplace you want to run a cord to make it invisible. They’re particularly useful for small appliances. And just like Command Strips, they’re easy to remove without damaging walls.

Appliance Cord Wraps

Here’s one you may not know even exists. If you don’t need a small appliance to be plugged in all the time, try using a stick-on appliance cord wrap. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be adhered to the back of just about any small appliance and used to wrap its cord. They’re particularly useful for coffee makers, toasters, stand mixers.