VIP Spotlight: Full Moon Vista


It’s that time of year!

Did your bike spend the winter hanging in a damp basement or crowded into a garage? Or were you among the sad few who mounted your studded knobbies in anticipation of an actual winter? Either way, it’s time for your Spring tune-up. Don’t wait for your first ride to find out what’s wrong with your bike. There’s too much going on around Rochester this summer to be limited in your easy-to-park transportation options.

Your South Wedge Neighborhood Bike Shop

There are so many reasons for South & Hickory Place residents to make Full Moon Vista their go-to bike shop. First, it’s a local enterprise that serves all types of cyclists. They participate in our 2016 Resident VIP Perks program, so you’ll get 5% off all Bikes and 10% off all accessories by flashing your key tag or VIP card. And — oh yeah — it’s right downstairs! Just don’t go on Sunday because everyone will be out enjoying a ride.

Fast, Reliable Bike Repairs

When you take your bike to Full Moon Vista, you can expect affordable prices, expert maintenance, and quick turnaround. Your bike will be treated like the work of art it is, and they actually have a 48-hour service guarantee to minimize the trail time you’ll miss during repairs. The pickup and drop-off location at 661 South Avenue couldn’t be more convenient!

Support for New Cyclists

The people at Full Moon Vista are devoted to providing stellar service and enjoy serving cyclists at every level of involvement. They often host free Saturday afternoon clinics open to anyone who wants to learn more about their bike.

Consider this your wake-up call. Now’s the time for a spring tune-up. Take your bike in today.